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The fabulous village, Olympos

από 25 €/άτομο

4-day boat trip to traditional Olympos village.  Early in the morning from the main harbor of the island, you will embark on the boat and start your journey. Sailing north you will disembark at the harbor of Diafani. There, our…

The famous beaches

από 25 €/άτομο

1-day tour from to the most famous beaches of Karpathos (Vasili’s paradise, Apella, Kyra Panagia, Kato Lakko, Ahata) Spend a relaxing day full of sun and sea on its most famous and clean beaches our island. In a wooden boat,…

The island of Saria

from 25 €

1-day excursion by boat to the island of Saria Northern of Karpathos lies the island of Saria, once inhabited, but today there are churches and ruins from the past. Sailing across the east coast and passing by Diafani harbor, you…